Track Diaries

Hello and welcome to my page Track Diaries! I am excited to show you guys my newest journey as I take the Honda S2000 to the track. Aside from posting on my regular blogs on the homepage, this page was primarily made just to talk about my overall Track Experience with the car. I will be posting videos that talk about each of my training sessions with AJ (aka relentlessracing). Not only will I share my thoughts about each session, I will also show videos of myself practicing the techniques I learn for you to see. I will also be giving updates on how the car is doing when being prepped at the Chewerks shop as well as actual videos of myself on Track Days. Be sure to follow my Instagram @Baemaxx_S2k and/or @Jenicadenisee to see when I post up new vidoes on here. You can also scroll down and sign up to receive updates when a post is made!

Session 1: “Slow and Smooth, But Smooth is Fast



Session 2: 5-4 Game and Heel Toe



Chewerks Shop

Heading over to Chewerks to see exactly what needs to be fixed on the S2000 in time for the 30th.



Chewerks Result/ Rotor Check

The overall diagnosis of the car and what I need to do to get it ready on time.