Current Sponsorships

I'd like to thank my current sponsors for giving me the opportunity to represent them. The values you hold and the impact you have done for others in the car community has truly been an inspiration and I am grateful for being to have you guys as part of my build. Check out my detailed... Continue Reading →

My last post Biggest Interior Change to BAEMAXX: Oem Red Carpet Part 1 went into how the attempt of putting my red carpet didn't turn out exactly as what I had hoped for. As my boyfriend and I were about to put the drivers side in there was a concerning leak coming from the clutch. We knew... Continue Reading →

Patience is a virtue

Widebody kit was finally purchased! Shipment was confirmed that it would take about 2-3 months from Japan! Came across a post on Facebook on a S2000 group one day and saw someone  post this brand new Ap2 front bumper from Honda and replica front lip for a fairly cheap price so I contacted him to buy it... Continue Reading →

First Few Changes: Interior

The first change to my interior was switching from Black Ap1 Door Panels to Red/Black ones which were given to me by my boyfriend as a Valentines Day gift. The next items that were changed were the Authentic Spoon Rear View Mirror and Spoon Side mirrors. My Spoon Sports Blue Wide rear view mirror along... Continue Reading →

What is Project BAEMAXX?

When I had my Integra there was a clear set plan on what I wanted to do with the car. Rare Oem optional side skirts, Rare Hiro wing, Rare Clear Tail lights, H2B series motor and more. When I got my S2k I had no idea what I wanted to do. I researched and researched... Continue Reading →

Past History

I actually didn't know much about the car itself especially for someone who was new to the S2000 community. My boyfriend and I did some research as we were in the market for S2000's but had some overall knowledge since we were already pretty active in the car community already. As far as I know... Continue Reading →

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