Fundraiser for Kevin Chhann

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“I wasn’t able to sleep last night. One of our buddies in the car community got in a major accident yesterday during a cruise (caravan drive) along Angeles Crest Highway. I don’t know exactly what happened as I wasn’t there, but I understand fellow drivers rushed to help and flip the wrecked car right side up. He suffered broken hips and head injuries, and is currently in an induced coma.

I don’t want to make it out like he was a close friend or anything because that would be disingenuous and self-serving. We’ve met at meets and interact on social media, and by all accounts, he seems like a genuinely nice guy.

I’m heartbroken for him and his family. People will judge without knowing the facts or understanding what actually happened, but what really matters is the life of a young man fighting to recover.

I’m pensive because that could’ve been me. I was supposed to go on that cruise. That could’ve been any of us. Accidents happen.

But I also feel incredibly hopeful seeing the car community come together in support. The GoFundMe his family set up has raised nearly $3000 since last night. Local companies and individuals are donating portions and profits of their sales. The people in car community are sending their thoughts and prayers from all over the world.

I don’t have a conclusion to this post. I just wanted to share my thoughts. And for those who have messaged me for details and updates, if I’m slow in updating, it’s because I’m committed to only posting accurate information from his family as to minimalize misinformation.” Ender Ho

Please click the photo below to be directed to Kevin’s Go Fund me page created by his family members. Thank you for the support.

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Sticker Fundraiser

Stickers of my car designed by Capsule Racing are also being sold for $2 as direct funds to help raise money for the cause for Kevin and his family. Feel free to also donate more if you’d like through his Go Fund me page. Contact @jenicadenisee for more information.