Advan Model 5 Rose Gold Refinish

The story behind the Advan Model 5:

So the Advan Model 5 were originally given to Peter by a good friend of ours that was stationed here in California from Okinawa Japan for about a year that we met through a BBA meet (largest Prelude community group). Peter then decided to powder coat them a nice Gunmetal gray with Pearl since they were originally Bronze. Although they looked great on the Prelude they still weren’t standing out as he had hoped for during car shows and meets. After going another route he took on with his Work VS-ZFS I was given the Advan Model 5 after selling my replica CR Kais that were originally on the S2000 when I bought it. After some time I really wanted to do something different with them and make it stand out and thought about making them Chrome because of how I loved seeing it on other S2000s but I changed my mind. One day I came across a photo on my Instagram feed that made me want to push for change and I honestly didn’t think it would be possible but I figured it was worth a shot so I began to reach out to some shops, friends, and of course the owner of the car that had the wheels. After chatting with her for a bit she was thrilled to know that her car had inspired me to do something similar with my wheels; which was turning them into a Brushed Rose Gold finish. I decided that because her car was the one that I had found the color actually with, I wanted to feature her car on my website. After getting her permission she was more than happy to know that I wanted to have her car as a collaboration to my website so she went and sent me photos! Check out Chelsea’s feature below!

Chelsea Carver’s Beautiful 2013 Subaru BRZ

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Sometimes I don’t always pay attention as I scroll quickly through my Explore feed when I’m on Instagram. However, Chelsea’s BRZ ended up standing out and of course made me creep through her Instagram like many of us would when seeing a beautiful car that has caught our attention. Chelsea’s white BRZ sits on a set of Rose Gold wheels made from BC Forged North America. I have to say that this is a job well done from many of the finishes they offer for their HCS04S. These wheels are offered only in between 18-22″ diameters. Chelsea’s set in particular are 18″ that is offered in one of their main finishes in a Brushed Center then powder coated to Rose Gold. Many of their other finishes include a Brushed Black, Royal Gold, Brushed Bronze, and more. Check out their website at to see more of their creations!


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Of course there is more to Chelsea’s car other than sitting on a set of lovely wheels that catches people’s attention. Her car has been seen around Florida rocking a few sets of other wheels before going with these.

I want to thank Chelsea again for taking the time to talk to me about her wheels and giving me the opportunity to feature her car! If you want to learn more about her car and see other plans she has for it be sure to give this beautiful lady driven BRZ a follow on Instagram! @Chelseacarver_


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Sending the wheels off

After a couple of weeks of searching I came across a shop named Velocity Powder Coating that a good friend told me about from the Ep3 Community. I went on their site and spoke to the owner named Chris and explained to him what I wanted done. He told me that he was able to do the work besides the brushing because he has an outside shop that could do it for him that he works closely with. Everything was confirmed and a few days later I dropped them off at his shop and waited. Unfortunately things took a slightly different route and that was ok because in the end we worked things out and it was better for the both of us on our end and now I am working closely with VR Wheels to continue the project for me! Thank you to both Chris from Velocity and Phil from VR for working with me in making this all happen!

Interested in having your wheels worked on? Clink on the links below to direct you to their websites for more inquiry! Be sure to follow them on Instagram for more current updates of their latest projects!

Velocity Powder Coating

Instagram: @Velocitypowdercoating

VR Wheels

Instagram: @vrwheels


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Check out my first ever Vlog below to see what was happening as I sent the Advan Model 5’s to be refinished!!!

Vlog #1 Advan Model 5 Newest Look


Vlog #2 Advan Model 5 Newest Look Part 2


The wheels are officially back! Check out the continuation of my first Vlog as I reveal how they turned out from VR Wheels!



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