The day after I received my car back from Lokwerkz Fabrication I decided to take my car back to Ballade to deal with my next issue I had always had with the car. EXCESSIVE CAMBER. When I first bought the car it had some camber that was a little more than the normal S2000 driving recommendations and I had tried to straighten my wheels as much as possible since it was a daily driven car and I just couldn’t afford to be losing tire tread after 3 months of buying new tires even though I loved how the car looked with the camber that it had. The first change I was told to do back in 2016 by another alignment shop was to buy SPC Ball Joints and Megan Racing tow arms to help with my camber and toe issues but that never helped with anything. I took it to Ballade because they had told me they would take a look at the issue for me since I had spoken to them about it in the past. I also wanted to fix my reoccurring Smog pump issue that was giving me a check engine light and Ballade said they could bypass it for me with the wire kit they had. After taking it to them, Alex spoke to me how I unfortunately have a few issues going down under my car. Going off from the alignment readings he based his observations that I was having issues with my camber and toe that could be solved by replacing the knuckles, upper and lower control arms, or a new subframe itself. He recommended that we went step by step and replace first my upper control arms, then the lower, and then the knuckles and also have to weld the subframe to fix where you adjust the toe since it had been bent flat down which was a common issue for most cars. At that time I was only able to afford to replace my upper control arms. After replacing it he found that not only did i have one side Ap1 and the other control arm Ap2 BUT one was also shaven down (super sketchy) so replacing both my upper control arms was the first step in a good decision making progress. After clearing the Smog pump CEL Alex had told me that I was still getting a Check Engine light due to my CAT sensor going out. I kept that on my to-do list to replace as a future thing to deal with once I had the time and money to take my car back after fixing all my alignment and suspension issues. We also went ahead and raised my car and sent it back to their alignment shop called Best Care Auto until I was ready to come back to replace everything else. Thank you Alex for always taking the time to bring me into the shop to show and educate me on what is going on with my car instead of just having me sit in the waiting room. I always appreciate the time you and your team do to help with other fellow S2000 owners.

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