Straight Pressing Prints

Whenever you attend car shows and meets you also know it’s time to bring out those car t-shirts that also represent your favorite cars/logo/sponsors/wheels/import models, etc… when you walk around. That was the case for me when I started buying more car apparel, but I wanted something different. I wanted to wear a shirt that represented me and my car. I have no experience in making clothes so I just let the idea go…until I came across Straight Pressing Prints on Instagram. I noticed a shirt that @stay.tunned had posted about her own custom made logo long sleeve and right away I messaged the page.

I spoke to him about my ideas and what I was trying to create. I began to get more excited after realizing that he was able to create my ideas into a reality. He took the time to talk to me and really get the details of how I wanted the designs to look exactly. He truly cares about making sure the details of the design are perfect and how you want it to be. I sent him photos of my car and he was able to recreate them and even gave his personal advice and touch to my ideas. We went through every single step together, down to the certain type of font and color and making sure I was happy with the final product and sent me photos of the designs along the way. Now for me being only 5 feet tall I’m very small. I have always struggled buying the generic Adult size small t-shirts because they were always big on me and would always have to cut them or tie them up. However, he was able to get any size for me even in KIDS (yes I fit kids) so for me that was the done deal. What made me even more happy was his generous offer to have me try the shirt sizes on before printing because they are all about customer satisfaction. After meeting up with his wife at a local Starbucks I tried the shirts, sweaters, and long sleeves in different sizes until I chose the ones that fit me the best. Once they were chosen she took them back and he printed out the designs for me in no time. I was happy with the package I received and to finally have Project BAEMAXX apparel created just for me to wear. I am happy to have been able to create my designs with them and am grateful in becoming sponsored by them as well. I can’t wait to create more gear later on the future to wear at different car events so that you guys can spot me and say hello! If you need some custom apparel, photos, and stickers made check out @straightpressingprints on Instagram and send him a message with your ideas!



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