DEPO Tailights: Long Beach Auto Tech

On February 21, 2017 word was released that a limited quantity of DEPO Tail lights were to be released with pre-orders available. Before even knowing about the DEPO’s I had considered changing my tail lights to either Carshop Glow or the newly released Buddy Club ones for the S2000. When DEPO was released I fell in love with not only the style of them but how fully functional it was.

I knew that once it was released I had to jump in on the preorders. For the first batch it was released for $499 plus shipping with limited quantities available and I was lucky enough to have my name down on that list. It would take a couple of weeks until the tail lights were in the shop for shipment so I just patiently waited since my car at that time was down for a full motor rebuild. Details on my motor rebuild here:

On April 19th my boyfriend and I rushed to Long Beach Auto Tech’s shop right away once we saw that the tail lights had arrived. Luckily I live local to Long Beach so I didn’t want to pay for shipping. Once we got there we spoke to Glen, the owner who took the time to open the box and show us the tail lights and explain how to install them. I appreciated how he took the time to do this with every single pair he sent off to those who picked up to make sure that the tail lights were not damaged.

Good thing I’m tiny enough to hold the box in the passenger side

The tail lights were a simple plug in and play. Went back home to install it right away. At first it was a little confusing and since I own a Ap1 we had to bend one of the wires as instructed and tape it down/seal with the foam given in the package to prevent any open live wires interacting with the others. As we got the hang of the instructions it was a simple installation. The tail lights are just amazing to look at especially at night. It gives the car a whole different look and goes well with the body and design of the car. Congrats to DEPO for a successful product. Long Beach Auto Tech was taking second pre orders and may be taking more in the future depending on the demand however there has been a slight price increase. I love the original tail lights and I won’t be selling mines but these DEPO tail lights are just on a whole different level for what I have planned with the wide body.

Check out the shop below and their Instagram page for more updates on the tail lights!

Instagram: @lb_autotech1


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