Custom Made Keychains by @Shamillie

Scrolling through my Instagram feed one day I came across a post made by the famous @Hector_levario (<—check out his genuine S2000) about how his friend made these S2000 keychains and received one as a surprise. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and contacted the guy who made it. We chatted for a bit about our cars and I asked him about the keychains and he told me how he makes them on the side as a hobby. What shocked me the most was his generous offer to send me one for free even though I wanted to pay for one and all he asked was for me to give him credit for his work. Everyday you will always meet new people but sometimes it’s rare to find someone who is generous and kind enough to share their skills with. It’s nice when you meet someone who can relate to you and have a conversation about both of your shared passions with continuous support even through the internet. When I received the keychain it was better than I ever thought it was. It’s very smooth and the details are amazing and it’s so lightweight and perfect to have on your keychain. Thank you Shamil for the amazing work. It looks great seeing it with your keys in the ignition. Below are photos of people who have recently bought it from him and are loving it every single day! Check out these keychains made by @Shamillie himself! Message him via Instagram to buy one now! OH! And did I mention that he makes more than just S2000 keychains!(;


Beautiful Girl Driven S2000 owner: @s2k_enders Thank you so much for the submission of these photos of you rocking the keychain with your S2000!



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