Every car has their major headaches and issues every once in a while. Unfortunately mine turned into a nightmare when I heard a sight knocking sound from the engine coming home from work on January 2nd, 2017.

Concerned about the noise of my car I took my car over to Ballade where they took the time out of their busy schedule to take a look at my car and gave me their honest opinion and options for my car. The sound I was hearing was a rod knock. I had spun a main bearing due to lack of oil. At this point my car was considered a hazard to drive considering that I may in fact blow something in the motor. My best option was to swap out motors from another reliable S2000 under 100k miles or I could be like any one else who claims to go K-series once their motor was done. However with knowing how costly everything was, it was hard knowing that this mistake was going to cost me more than 5,000 dollars for a repair or an upgrade in that very moment. It was hard to make any decision after hearing so much information all at once. Not the greatest way to start off the New Year when your car goes down. S2000’s are known to burn oil VERY often and my lack of knowledge to maintain the oil level led me to a motor failure because I did not realize how fast it burned oil comparing to when I owned my DA9. The motor itself had problems with oil leakage from previous owners yet I didn’t realize the problem until recently and over time it became a snowball effect and eventually led to the rod knock. At that point there was nothing I could do to fix the old issues and my mistake so I went to seek out advice from others as I was trying to figure everything out. After talking to a good friend and thinking about his advice I decided to have my motor go under a full rebuild instead of just swapping with a used motor. I felt that I would be more content and relieved knowing that every single part of my motor was going to be replaced under my decisions and that I would start with a fresh clean OEM unused motor with 0 miles aside from the transmission. It sucked not having a car and having to put a burden on a large expense that I wasn’t ready for. It made me feel like the goal for the wide body had been pushed back even more.


BUT I had to look at things on a brighter side. This gave me the opportunity to restore my car back to its fullest capability and hopefully have it prepared for a full on tracking experience later on. My goal was still set for the car but it was just taking a different route at the moment and an even bigger push forward. All I could do was thank those who had personally reached out to me with advice on getting my car back running again. I felt the support and love throughout the whole car community and especially from my boyfriend and I was grateful for that. It’s always amazing that you get to meet people who share the same love and passion as you over a car. I am thankful for meeting the people I call my friends today as they continue to inspire me with my build. Thank you to my good friends Kyle and Tyler for always giving me advice about my car and always helping me out in case I ever needed parts for my car especially when I struggled with my motor rebuild. Both of your guy’s cars has become an inspiration of mine and I am glad to see it progress over the past times we’ve gotten to know each other! Follow Kyle’s amazing S2000 on Instagram! @kktnsx Also follow Tyler’s amazing Mugen EP3 as well! @mugen_ep3 Both of them have amazing builds that still continues and gets featured at shows!!

Lokwerkz Fabrication

I took my car to Lokwerkz Fabrication where I spoke to the owner Tony where my boyfriend and I felt that he had all the knowledge, skills, and experience to do my rebuild and we trusted him. I dropped off my car on Wednesday January 4th, 2017 and waited as my motor was being worked on.


Everything for my motor was replaced back to OEM as I had wanted it to be. Everything was taken out and Tony even took the tiny to clean up my transmission.

The most expensive part I had to buy was buying brand new OEM Pistons from Honda. Although they were quite expensive for the cost of parts, it was also beautiful to look at once my motor was back from the machine shop.


Everything from the gaskets, to the seals and the valves was to be replaced all with brand new OEM parts from Honda. As the updates continue day by day it was already the end of February and my next decision was deciding on what clutch and flywheel I was going to go with. I was unsure with what I had on the car but I knew that it was pretty stiff. I  went on the Facebook groups and current S2000 forums and asked people what they had set up on their cars and how they liked it. Eventually a lot of people had told me that they were using ACT and how it was similar to OEM and although it may be slightly heavy it was great.

My newest setup I decided to go with was:

  • OEM Ap1 flywheel and bearings from Honda
  • ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate
  • ACT Clutch Disc

Since my Clutch Master Cylinder and Timing chain tensioner had just been recently replaced from Ballade in September back when the carpet was being put in there was no need to replace it since it was fairly new.



March 1st, 2017

After dropping my car at the shop on January 4th I finally got my car back up and running again after almost 2 months. Knowing that I had a fresh new rebuilt motor with 0 miles to start it felt AMAZING to drive. From then on I kept up with maintenance and checked my oil every week and babied my car while the motor needed time to “break in”. I knew that I couldn’t shift past 4-5k and only if I needed to on the freeway until after my first few oil changes which I was patient enough to do since I’m not one to even try to push the car to extremes when driving.

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