Current Performance Upgrades

Honda S2000 Performance Aluminum Radiator: Mishimoto


The first thing I decided to change was going from my stock radiator to a Mishimoto radiator. When I had my Integra DA9 I had done the same to that car so I wanted to do the same for the S2000.

Stock Honda S2000 Radiator

The removal process is pretty simple and just make sure you completely drain out the coolant before removing the radiator.

Mishimoto Radiator and stock fans

The Mishimoto radiator is slim and pretty lightweight. I kept my stock fans because they were still in good condition and I was able to use them with the radiator. However in the future I will be purchasing fans from them as well.


Looks great in the engine bay and gives it a more cleaner look as well as a nice upgrade to the car for reliability.


Check out more products from Mishimoto for your build and make sure to apply for some of their sponsorship opportunities!

SuperTech Performance

My car is currently sitting in my garage as I wait for parts to come in from SuperTech. I am currently upgrading my Springs, Retainers and Valves since I had recently found out that most people upgrade to Ap2 Retainers since Ap1 ones have a common problem of cracking in the future and leads to dropping a valve which could destroy the motor. After spending money on a full rebuilt motor that was something I wanted to prevent. Unfortunately I learned this information after the rebuild so I wasn’t able to upgrade the first time everything was out. Instead of going to OEM Honda AP2 Retainers I decided to go with a little more performance upgrade that is also similar to OEM and went with SuperTech. The parts are on back order for two weeks so until then my car is sitting with the Head off until it’s ready for another head rebuild.

  • Titanium Springs, Retainers & Shim Kit Part #1022
  • Dished Valves (all 16)


2 thoughts on “Current Performance Upgrades

  1. I upgraded my retainers to the ap2 ones as well. All of the intake retiners had hairline cracks in them. There have been mixed reviews about getting titanium though stating they dont last as long, so I went with oem. Also, dont forget to upgrade the oil jet bolts to ap2 as well! Better safe than sorry.


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