Biggest Interior Change to BAEMAXX: Oem Red Carpet Part 1

“It’s not just a car, it’s someones dream”

You start your build with having some kind of vision in mind and everyday that pushes you to work harder and harder to finally make that dream come true. Shown above captures the moment of excitement I had on the day I switched to red carpet that made up the most of my visions for my black and red interior combo for BAEMAXX

As I said before in my previous post What is Project BAEMAXX? my main goal was to have a combination of red and black interior in order to go with the theme of Big Hero Six. My boyfriend and I searched for long periods of time for an Oem red carpet that was in good condition. We saw some for sale from past owners that were either torn or dirty and not in the best condition and so we continued to wait. One day I came across a specific carpet shown above on ebay that was nicer than any of the ones that had been posted for sale for a fair price. I showed it to my boyfriend right away and he bought it for me as an early Christmas present. I received the carpet on October 20, 2016 and was ready to put it into my car the next day.

Before we began the tear down process I began to take photos to show the before and after results. To see what exactly has been changed before the red carpet check out my previous post “First Few Changes: Interior”

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We began to remove every panel in the car in order to give us full access to where we needed to take out the carpet. We removed the seats, parts of the interior panels and put them aside. Take note that there was no reason to remove where the center console was because the carpet is separated in that section for removal so there is no need to remove the radio, dashboard, shifter boot cover. You just need to remove the “second lower half of the interior” Here’s a time lapse as my boyfriend and I take out my black carpet, clean up what’s under there, and attempt to put the red carpet in (as you continue down this post you learn why it was half finished) Under the video below are more detailed photos for you to see.


An overview shot of the car! You can see where I mounted the phone during the time lapse video(:

When we pulled out my black carpet we noticed the driver side had large amounts of stains on the top left corner where my clutch was. A little concerned on where the leak was coming from we ended up only finishing one side of the carpet because of the fear of having it stained because of the suspicious leak from my clutch. Once the right side was in we took my car over to Ballade Sports (a local S2000 shop) Even though that meant that both sides of the carpet wasn’t going to be finished at the same time that day since it was going to be in the shop I was ok with it. My next post goes more into detail of what exactly happened and what the issue was. Other than having one side being put in I was still in love with how it looked! Look how amazing the Street Faction heel plates goes with my red carpet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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