About Project Beauti

In October 2014, two of Los Angeles natives, Alex S. and Joshua H. Co-founded and created Project Beauti, a brand that will proclaim the existence of all kinds of Beauti-ful in this world.

We are planning to be the embodiment of the car culture, photography, and all artistic freedoms. Project Beauti wants to create a lifestyle for people to connect with others, so we can together find the Beauti not only within ourselves but also what’s around us.

Since the beginning we have focused on working with photographers, artist, and gear heads to establish an outlet that allows them to express themselves. Simplicity is key! We are a cultural movement. We believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Project Beauti will continue to define its unique style and its appreciation for all things beautiful.

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I came across Project Beauti on Instagram and began to follow them because of how I liked the motto that they go by as they continued their own personal growth. They spread their love and passion with their gear they create throughout the car culture. Over time I began to buy some of their gear and purchased their banner because to me stating Project Beauti meant that “Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder” and that is something that I am doing for my car to share with you all. My build is for myself and not what others think or may judge negatively upon. Everyone has their own style for their own car and I believe you must respect that. Soon I saw they posted up sponsorship opportunities and I applied twice before even being accepted. Like I said earlier you just need to be persistent and keep trying and eventually I was given to opportunity to be partially sponsored by Project Beauti. Check out their website and Instagram for their latest streetwear apparel!

Instagram: @ProjectBeauti


Outlaw Collection

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Project Beauti’s 2017 Sponsorship Member’s Photo Submissions:




Check out their personal builds on Instagram and give them a follow!

Shout out to my main photographer @must_photography for these great photos of me rocking the gear! Hit him up for some photoshoots!




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