Past History

I actually didn’t know much about the car itself especially for someone who was new to the S2000 community. My boyfriend and I did some research as we were in the market for S2000’s but had some overall knowledge since we were already pretty active in the car community already. As far as I know I am the third owner of this car. The car was previously repainted Grand Prix White since it was silver. It had the stock F20 C motor with 130xxx miles and no modification done to it at all other than regular maintenance from what I was told by the owner. The only “modified” part was the Cold Air Injen Intake that it had. For suspension, the car had Function Form Type 2 coilovers. It also has a APEXi Integration N1 exhaust. Exterior wise it came with a Mugen Style Replica Black Hardtop from Extreme Dimensions. The wheels were Replica Cr Kai’s with a custom powder coated Purple color that gave it its own look to the car. They were 17x9J and it had 215-45-17 tires running all around in the beginning. The front bumper was changed from Ap1 to an Ap2. Looking from inside the interior was all black with a Personal Steering Wheel and a NRG quick release. The license plate was customized by the previous owner but I decided to keep it until I made my own.

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