First Few Changes: Interior

The first change to my interior was switching from Black Ap1 Door Panels to Red/Black ones which were given to me by my boyfriend as a Valentines Day gift.

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The next items that were changed were the Authentic Spoon Rear View Mirror and Spoon Side mirrors.


My Spoon Sports Blue Wide rear view mirror along with my matching side mirrors have definitely helped out with minimizing blind spots as well as reducing the glares from headlight beams from behind.

Street Faction Engineering

The next item added to my car were the Heel Plates produced by Street Faction Engineering. I was given the opportunity to participate in their contest and won their 21K follower Sweepstakes on Instagram where I was given the heel plate for the Driver side as a prize. Upon installation from them, the passenger side was bought to match. I decided to go to them and have them install it personally at their shop for both sides because I felt more comfortable in doing so and I did not have the correct tools to install them. More pictures of the heel plates will be shown on my other posts.

Check out their website/ Instagram Page or contact them directly via email for more amazing custom made products on your next build!!

Their Heel Riser plates are designed to raise the foot position for comfortable footwork. For example, the “heel toe” when downshift braking under racing situations. Other uses are to keep heat from transferring into your feet under long aggressive drives. They are CNC, bent, and dimpled strength, and powder coated for durability. They are designed to go over carpet and the preferred installation method is to use riv-nuts and socket head bolts. *Using riv-nuts require a special tool to install them to the sheet metal* It is the easiest method when it has to be removed consistently which is especially useful when I have to vacuum my carpet. The second method is to use rivets with another special tool. However, using the other method uses the nut and bolt which is the most convenient.
*I do not work for Street Faction Engineering, I am simply just giving them credit for their products that I am using in my car.*

Shortly after we took a trip to San Diego to buy these interior pieces from a well known S2000 part out seller on Facebook named Tom. What I bought was an Ap1 Silver Cluster Bezel, Ap1 Arm Rest Console with silver trim, Ap2 black leather tunnel piece and 2 side rear pieces in leather.

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Going from Carpet to leather really made a difference in the car and having the silver as well really contrasts and gives a different look for my interior(:

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One final item I bought to complete the rest of my interior pieces was a brand new silver Radio cover from an reliable Ebay seller. Installing the radio cover wasn’t actually hard at all or so I thought in the beginning. Upon taking the old one out the spring popped right out as I pulled it out. Having to try to put the spring back in was the most frustrating and irritating thing to do and apparently I had missed that WARNING when I skimmed over the multiple forums for instructions at S2KI. Once the spring was in I came across an issue that the cover wouldn’t stay shut because of a clip and of course the task wasn’t complete because Honda couldn’t give me my part until the next couple of days. Eventually though everything was all good in the end and that was just the fun of replacing things in your car as always.



Thoughts on any shift knobs I should get??? Comment below!

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