Current Sponsorships

I’d like to thank my current sponsors for giving me the opportunity to represent them. The values you hold and the impact you have done for others in the car community has truly been an inspiration and I am grateful for being to have you guys as part of my build. Check out my detailed posts about them by clicking below!

Project Beauti

So Scare

Straight Pressing Prints

Applying to sponsorships was something I was always trying to do down the line as I progressed with the car. I haven’t really applied to any big companies regarding wheels, suspension, and other sponsorship opportunities for the S2000 until I knew that the car was ready to be sent off to a shop with the kit installment. However just applying in general takes a long process just by sending out your proposal and looking through each company’s requirements. Many that I have applied for have asked general questions like the make and model of the car, current and future modifications, car shows attended and future shows to attend as well as why you should be picked. When sending out your proposals you must make sure to have your build all laid out clearly to them and emphasize on the future plans to the car. Be prepared to have more places reject you or not even respond to you at all. It takes time before even receiving a sponsorship but it’s all about connecting and building a relationship with the company you are sponsoring for since you are representing them out through the media and car shows/events. Always ask questions about their requirements especially when it comes to how often they want you to attend shows and its also nice to see what you receive by being sponsored by them whether its free gear or discounts on their products. When looking through their websites sometimes there may be a direct link to apply as a sponsor or you can simply just email them about it even though they may not be looking for someone at the time. It still lets them know that you are interested when the time comes and puts you a step forward. Like I said, it doesn’t just all come to you as you progress on with your build although it may be the case for some people. You need to be out there- talk and connect with people not just on the internet and show them the passion you have for your car by going to shows and spectating and visiting their booths. In time you will get some sponsorships and just remember in the end its about connecting and building relationships with those who share the same passion as you.

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