OEM Red carpet installation Part 2

My last post Biggest Interior Change to BAEMAXX: Oem Red Carpet Part 1 went into how the attempt of putting my red carpet didn’t turn out exactly as what I had hoped for. As my boyfriend and I were about to put the drivers side in there was a concerning leak coming from the clutch. We knew right then that we couldn’t put the carpet in without knowing what the fluid was. In a desperate attempt to figure out what it was I called Ballade Sports. I had never been to their shop but I had heard of them as the most known local S2000 performance and maintenance shop. I called them and spoke to Matt where I was able to be helped out right away. My boyfriend took my car to their shop while I had to stay home to be with my mom. Alex and Matt provided me with great and fast service the moment I called them without an appointment. My boyfriend came back within 2 hours with the problem solved. The issue that I had was that my Clutch Master Cylinder was leaking and it had to be replaced. As soon as it was replaced I was relieved that I could have my carpet placed without any signs of trouble. Thank you to Ballade for working on my car and guiding us with the right directions and what was needed to be done to my car next. Not only did they fix my clutch master cylinder, they also cleaned up oil leakage issues with all new gaskets I had around my motor as well as installing new motor mounts and their own Timing Tensioner. Once I received my car back it felt better than it ever was.


The finished progress of having my Oem Red carpet in both side. My car is definitely getting closer to how I want it to be! The build only continues forward from here!(:

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