What is Project BAEMAXX?

When I had my Integra there was a clear set plan on what I wanted to do with the car. Rare Oem optional side skirts, Rare Hiro wing, Rare Clear Tail lights, H2B series motor and more. When I got my S2k I had no idea what I wanted to do. I researched and researched and looked at different parts and widebody options. I saw the Circuit Garage fender kit, The authentic Spoon Hardtop, Spoon Front Bumper, Mugen Front Bumper, Mugen Hardtop, OEM hardtop, Voltex Front Bumper, and much more. All of those were all options to decide from and it became hard to choose or mix and match the looks of some over the other. In the end I couldn’t decide until my boyfriend saw a photo on Instagram of a S2000 in Japan with a widebody design that they had done over there. After looking at more photos of this mysterious S2000 thats when I decided that was the style I wanted to go for. After a lot of research and digging around the media my boyfriend finally found more information about it and put the pieces together and found the name of the body kit. Once I knew I had the kit I began to think what was I trying to capture and show to everyone when introducing myself to the S2000 community. Then I thought of Project BAEMAXX.Big-Hero-6-banner1.png
BAEMAXX is the name of my car which is why I made a customized license plate. It all starts from the character Baymax from the movie Big Hero 6. Rest assured I won’t be slapping Baymax stuffed toys and stickers all over my car like all those Hello Kitty basic designs but no offense taken to those who have done so on their car. “Baymax” from Big Hero 6 is just an overall theme to the car. In my vision for my S2000 the car will have a fully fresh white paint job when sent off to have the kit installed for body work along with keeping the Berlin Black Hardtop of my choice. I decided I wanted Red interior because of how well it goes with a white car and just like the theme colors of Baymax. The license plate name of BAEMAXX replaces the original characters name with “BAY” to “BAE” since it’ll be a girl driven car and I figured why not have some fun with it being a girl in the car community(: The widebody will portray Baymax’s character of being “white and fluffy” but also having an “aggressive”  side when he is given a red suit of armor by his owner. So to basically summarize everything, white car+ black hardtop+widebody+Red interior+ future Wing = the character Baymax from Big Hero Six in the picture above(: Although all the details of the kit and theme to the car will overall make sense in the future the more you follow along ending with the result of PROJECT BAEMAXX.

3 thoughts on “What is Project BAEMAXX?

  1. What wide body kit did you decide to go with? Welcome to the s2k community! Love the direction your trying to go with your build!


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