One Year Anniversary with BAEMAXX

“How we choose to go about our cars is purely up to the one who gets behind the wheel and brings the car to life with one simple key that we put into the ignition. Although our cars may look different it doesn’t make yours or mines better than the other. At the end of the day, once you park your car, walk away, and look back at it and see all your accomplishments and the beauty of your car is the most indescribable feeling that matters the most. We may have all these different types of opinions of how a car should be built but in the end we share the same type of love and passion for our own cars.” -Jenica Bacani


Today June 26, 2016 is the one year anniversary of owning my car. I am excited for all the things coming up and I hope you all will continue to watch my build. Thank you to everyone who continues to support me with my car especially my boyfriend who has helped me and taught me along the way as we build our cars together.



Here are some pictures of it taken today and I can’t wait to compare them with next years photos(:


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