Advan Model 5 Rose Gold Refinish

The story behind the Advan Model 5: So the Advan Model 5 were originally given to Peter by a good friend of ours that was stationed here in California from Okinawa Japan for about a year that we met through a BBA meet (largest Prelude community group). Peter then decided to powder coat them a... Continue Reading →


The day after I received my car back from Lokwerkz Fabrication I decided to take my car back to Ballade to deal with my next issue I had always had with the car. EXCESSIVE CAMBER. When I first bought the car it had some camber that was a little more than the normal S2000 driving recommendations and... Continue Reading →


Every car has their major headaches and issues every once in a while. Unfortunately mine turned into a nightmare when I heard a sight knocking sound from the engine coming home from work on January 2nd, 2017. Concerned about the noise of my car I took my car over to Ballade where they took the... Continue Reading →

DEPO Tailights: Long Beach Auto Tech

On February 21, 2017 word was released that a limited quantity of DEPO Tail lights were to be released with pre-orders available. Before even knowing about the DEPO's I had considered changing my tail lights to either Carshop Glow or the newly released Buddy Club ones for the S2000. When DEPO was released I fell in... Continue Reading →

Straight Pressing Prints

Whenever you attend car shows and meets you also know it's time to bring out those car t-shirts that also represent your favorite cars/logo/sponsors/wheels/import models, etc... when you walk around. That was the case for me when I started buying more car apparel, but I wanted something different. I wanted to wear a shirt that represented... Continue Reading →

Custom Made Keychains by @Shamillie

Scrolling through my Instagram feed one day I came across a post made by the famous @Hector_levario (<---check out his genuine S2000) about how his friend made these S2000 keychains and received one as a surprise. As soon as I saw it I fell in love and contacted the guy who made it. We chatted for a... Continue Reading →

I became sponsored by So Scare after seeing @that_1_s2k (who is a current sponsor as well) post about the lanyard he had received from them. "Don't be scared to build something that brings you joy." was their main motto and it was something I felt passionate about as I strived for my goal for the... Continue Reading →

About Project Beauti In October 2014, two of Los Angeles natives, Alex S. and Joshua H. Co-founded and created Project Beauti, a brand that will proclaim the existence of all kinds of Beauti-ful in this world. We are planning to be the embodiment of the car culture, photography, and all artistic freedoms. Project Beauti wants... Continue Reading →

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